Infomercial Insanity: Posture now

I’m a huge fan of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. I like look entrepreneurs and inventors pitch their merchandise and make life-changing choices regarding which offer to accept. And if you’re a lover of the show you’ve in all probability detected that the series has featured lots of health and fitness themed merchandise in recent weeks.

Last week really the show featured a product known as Posture now, which in line with the company website “Helps produce better posture for everyone.” The sharks likable what they saw – but does the product deliver as promised?

Product Pitch

The makers of Posture now claim that their product is based on the premise of LAM. Let ME justify. Posture now is a set of 2 neoprene arms bands that square measure connected by a strap. Once you slip the armbands over your higher arm and place the strap across your back, the system purportedly causes you to get up straighter and in essence re-trains your muscular structure to retain a stronger posture.

Apparently by holding your shoulders back for you, the cuffs and strap make the user additional aware and alert to their posture. If you purportedly wear Posture now for half-hour each day in only a few weeks’ time, you’ll see an apparent improvement in your posture. Really as time goes on, you can wear the ‘trainer’ less and less. Plus you will be able to use it anyplace – look TV, reading the paper or while at your table at work. and in contrast to alternative posture merchandise on the market, which the inventors claim can worsen existing poor posture and do the work for you, posture now shark tank will apparently help you look dilatant, healthier and sexier and feel additional assured.

How much for this revolutionary posture product? Regarding $40 and you’ll be on your way to effortless better posture!

The Angry Trainer Says:

Okay here we tend to go again! Personally i feel the Posture now is yet one more posture product that misses the mark with relevancy human anatomy.


The way you correct posture is by building and strengthening the muscular structure of the higher back WITH EXERCISE, by using specific corrective exercises and by releasing tension in the muscles of the chest, front shoulders and abs. this is public knowledge that any honored trainer, expert or coach ought to grasp. As we tend to grow older, our body will virtually pull forward a little from prolonged periods of sitting and lack of exercise. We tend to begin to hunch and change the position of our spine by indirectly weakening the rear muscles (lengthen) and strengthening (tighten) the muscles of the front of the body.

It drives ME crazy that that the inventors say that alternative posture merchandise do the work for you and that the Posture now simply provides you a ‘reminder’ to square up straighter. That seems like pure nonsense to ME.

The makers claim that you just use your own muscles to correct your posture, but you will be able to clearly see in the product demo and photos that the strap is adjusted in such how that it’s tight across your higher back in an endeavor to assist keep your shoulders back. Truly i feel if it were worn backwards it might have additional benefit! Then you’d be fighting against pulling your shoulders forward and building higher back muscular structure and strength! It might be like… a strengthening exercise!

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